Project Management

Project management#

As a community manager, you might need to onboard contributors who may not contribute in technical ways.

  • Send a personalized welcome message expressing gratitude and introducing the project.
  • Provide an overview of the project’s mission, values, and community culture.
  • Highlight non-technical contribution opportunities like documentation, user support, translations, design, and community management.
  • Create clear contribution guidelines with step-by-step instructions and templates.
  • Maintain regular communication to share updates and opportunities.
  • Recognize and appreciate all contributions, both technical and non-technical.
  • Foster a welcoming and inclusive community environment.
  • Ensure adherence to the project’s code of conduct.

OSS management (TODO)#

  • Overview of issues and PRs among several repositories
    • Reviewing PRs or assigning reviewers to the PRs
    • Solving the issues/responding to the issues
      • Responding - to maintain communication with the author
    • Closing stale PRs and old issues
    • Labelling issues
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