Skills and Techniques

The OSS Management Skills Wheel describes 24 skills, divided into 4 core competencies, used by OSS community managers. It was initiated by Inessa Pawson and Sanket Verma during the 2023 Scientific Python Project Developer Summit (Seattle, WA).


  • Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Moderation, mediation, and intervention
  • Emotional integration
  • Train and teach
  • Mentoring
  • Cultural competence
  • Networking


  • Git and GitHub
  • Dev tools
  • PR and issues
  • Triage

OSS Management

  • Growth and sustainability
  • Governance
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Program design
  • Change management
  • Record keeping
  • Event planning
  • Recruiting


  • Content creation and curation
  • Speaking and presenting
  • Advocacy
  • Social media

Other useful skills

  • Scaffolding
    • Removing barriers/making it easy for the new contributors to join - could like the scientific python guide here (
    • Removing barriers/making it easy for the maintainers to work
    • Removing barriers/making it easy for the users to discover the documentation/tutorials
    • And removing barriers and helping wherever necessary
  • Dealing with conflicts in the community
    • Between developers/maintainers
    • CoC enforcing
  • How to gracefully exit a project for a maintainer -
    • How a CM can help it onboarding the next maintainer
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